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2015 FGG-GLISA Memorandum of Understanding

The following Memorandum of Understanding between the FGG and GLISA was posted on the Gay Games Facebook page on 19 May 2015:

One World Event: Memorandum of Understanding

1.             The Boards of the Federation of Gay Games (“the FGG”) and the Gay and Lesbian International Sports Association (“GLISA”) endorse and are acting on the input received from member organizations in the Survey conducted in the summer and fall of 2014.

2.             Both the FGG and GLISA agree to one Organization producing and overseeing a single quadrennial global sports-culture-human rights event.

3.             These quadrennial global sport-culture-human rights events will be held sequentially with the first such event being produced in 2022.
4.             Both the FGG and GLISA agree the Event Host will be selected through a formalized” Site Selection” process. The first such process will begin in the fall of 2015 with the 2022 event host being selected no later October 31, 2017. Future Site Selection processes will be finalized no less than five years prior to the event being produced.
5.             By the execution of this MoU, the FGG and GLISA Boards will create a Transition Commission process to engage in a global consultation and engagement process that will further outline and recommend how to achieve this one organization, with a Final Report being provided to both Boards no later than December 31, 2015.
6.             The execution of this MoU will also create a Site Selection Committee by no later than July 1, 2015 that will report to both organizations until the Transition Commission consultations can outline the single organization that will govern this event.
7.             This Site Selection process will adhere to standards and practices previously established by the FGG and GLISA, including transparency of information,openness of communication, and inclusivity of member organizations. If there are any discrepancies in the process, the Transition Commission will make recommendations on how to resolve such discrepancies.
8.             Both the FGG and GLISA agree to have representation from their Boards during planned consultations with various segments of the community and interested stakeholders. Discussion will also occur at each organization’s annual meeting.Representatives can attend in person or via electronic means.
9.             Transition Commission and Site Selection Committee Progress Reports will be available to the Boards and at consultation/engagement events, which will also be open to both organizations’ constituencies and other outside interested parties.
10.             It is understood that GLISA will continue in its role overseeing World OutGames IV in Miami 2017; similarly, the FGG will continue in its role overseeing Gay Games 10 in Paris 2018.Tamara Adrian, GLISA Co-President
Victor Elkins, GLISA Co-President
Joanie Evans, FGG Co-President
Kurt Dahl, FGG Co-President

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