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European Same-Sex Dance Association (ESSDA)

The following open letter was sent to the FGG and GLISA.

European Same-Sex Dance Association (ESSDA)

To: Federation of Gay Games (FGG) and Gay and Lesbian International Sport Association (GLISA)
Lindlar (Germany) / London (UK), 17 August 2009

ESSDADear Chairs and Members,

We are writing on behalf of the European Same-Sex Dance Association (ESSDA) whose status is of “Associate Member Organisation” for the purposes of the FGG and of “International Federation” with respect to GLISA.

ESSDA seeks to represent the interests of same-sex competitive dancers across Europe. Since the establishment of ESSDA in February 2007, the organization has been growing consistently, and we currently have 164 members distributed all over Europe.

Taking advantage of the fact that the recent Dance Competition at the Outgames attracted over 320 couples and took place over five days, ESSDA held its Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 29 July 2009 in Copenhagen.

We are writing to you in relation to a motion proposed and unanimously voted at ESSDA’s AGM that relates to FGG and GLISA. Namely, the membership of ESSDA were asked to support a motion to communicate both to GLISA and to the FGG that same-sex competitive dancers prefer one large, well attended sporting event for the LGBT community rather than two or more and that the ESSDA membership encourages the ongoing dialogue between FGG and GLISA to achieve this result.

We look forward to working in partnership with you in achieving your goals of making sport accessible and inclusive for all LGBT people.

Yours faithfully,

ESSDA female Co-President: Dörte Lange
ESSDA male Co-President: Vernon Kemp

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